The Gathering of Indigenous Grandmothers in Ojai

by dfdadmin

This year many of the indigenous grandmothers are coming from all over the world to Ojai. There is an event the 17-18th of October open to the public and we are raising funds to feed the grandmothers. It is called The Gathering of Grandmothers – Ojai and will be held at Casa de La Luna.
The weekend events will include aboriginal grandmother Bilawara from Australia.
Leading us in four workshops, Elizabeth Araugo, wife of Done Alejandro, Keeper of the Mayan Calendar. Elizabeth with be sharing a fire ceremony and teaching about the Mayan calendar and the prophecies.
Laura Espinoza de Mexico will be teaching Trance Dancing.
Rose Davis, Navajo/Hopi teaching her medicine ways.
Lani our Grandmother from Hawaii will be sharing a ceremony.
And Others.

Please click here for more information on how you can contribute. Click Here for more information on the event.

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Cristina Cuevas October 18, 2010 at 9:29 am

Dear Grandmother´s of Ojai,
I want to thank you all for your support and hospitality during our stay in this beautiful valley.
I would have liked to have had more of your presence in our everyday gatherings and have shared more of your wisdom as grandmothers. Some of us came from afar and eventhough some are more gifted than others to do healing or to speak out their knowledge, all of you are surely great souls that shared the gift of being daughters, mothers and grandmothers.
I am very grateful for have been treated in such a loving and respectful way and my heart will be with you in each second sunday, let us keep trying to be ONE,
ONE love,
ONE heart,

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