Imalole School, Niger, Africa

by dfdadmin

I was crossing the Sahara Desert with the Tuareg Nomads – 1800 miles! – and on the third day out, we stayed with a group of Tuareg women and grandchildren. Their lives had been devastated by the drought which took a terrible toll… their livestock, children and mothers were dying and the Tuareg men were committing suicide as they were losing everything. I was there because we had raised enough money to repair 9 wells and I wanted to make sure they were working. All night long thee women sang songs of courage. Beautiful voices, soothing and yet so strong. Great harmonies. They all lived under a dead acacia tree with their goats. The nearest well was 10 miles away. In the morning I asked if they would like something that I might be able to give them. Thinking they would ask for a well, I was surprised when they all said in one voice: A school! “We want our children to learn letter and numbers.” And so, with people donating everything from a dollar to $1,000, we got the school in 8 months.  We have a Tuareg school master who now lives with them and so every day the children and the schoolmaster get fed lunch. A medical chest and  vitamins can now be doled out by the schoolmaster to help strengthen the children’s health as malaria and yellow fever are rife there. The Tuareg grandmothers were so amazed that other grandmothers so far away would remember and think of them.  To keep the school going: school supplies, medical supplies, master’s salary; and food cost $4,000 per year. All donation towards Imalole School are tax-deductable. All donations are lovingly received. To donate, please visit

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