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Jill and Sorel

Jill Townsend-Sorel and her granddaughter, Sorel

Founder – Jill Towsend-Sorel

Jill Townsend-Sorel is a mediator, ceremonialist and founder of The Council of Grandmothers. She believes that all Elders should share their wisdom.  More about Jill »

Laura Espinoza


Mexico; Mexica-ChiChi Meca Knowledge; Leader of The Earth Dance; teaches alternative therapies, yoga, reflexology, Reiki, meditation, Biodanza. Temezcalli. Biodanza – musical workshop – liberating energies that are stuck.

BilawaraLee, Aboriginal Grandmother, with Jill Townsend-Sorel


Australia: Aboriginal Elder of the Larrakia Nation of Darwin, NT; Healer and teacher of the ancient wisdoms of Aboriginal Spirituality and healing; carrier of the Ancient Sacred Knowledge; Star Dreaming – Wisdom Teachings from the Ancestors

Elizabeth Araujo


El Salvador and Guatemala: Translator for Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj (Keeper of the Mayan Calendar), she travels extensively through the world to solidify the unification of a Council of Wisdom Keepers. Elizabeth works with curative Mayan Fire Ceremonies. The Mayan Calendar; teaching, questions and answers; 2012, a time of change.


Hawaii: Lani is from the Lono Makua/Pele Honua Mea Nui ‘ohana family. She is a Hawaiian cultural practitioner, facilitates trauma recovery. Hawaiian Healing Traditions.

GAIL PETTINGER – more coming soon.
NANCY OGILVIE – more coming soon.