A Salute Bert Stern

by dfdadmin

I would like to salute the photographer Bert Stern who passed this week.

Jill Townsend 1965

Here are two pictures from our wonderful trip. More to follow soon!

The Gathering of Grandmothers was a wonderful success. We met in retreat to explore the past few years and share the challenges, sorrows, healings and wisdom gained from our many personal experiences. The public were invited to attend several events to hear the wisdom from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, from Australia, Columbia and Hawaii.

The people of Ojai showed themselves to be the loving and wise people that they are! All the nourishment was donated: the time, grace and energy it took to gather, prepare and cook the meals were all donated; local farms and orchards, health food shop, Rainbow Bridge, donated their produce; the beautiful young people created high vibrational food and loving atmosphere along with Margaret, Lynn and Malina who donated – incredible generosity! – their Casa de la Luna. We want to recognize Maxima, our Hawaiian Healer of Light who flew all the way here to offer her healing session to raise funds to help make this event come to fruition. Without all of these gifts, and without the help of Spirit, we would never have been able to make this happen. So much love and blessings to all of you from us Grandmothers: Bilawara, Elizabeth, Laura, Gail, Nancy, Cristina, Lani, Jill.

We will be making available the wisdom coming from our retreat in greater detail. But here is a taste:
It all comes to LOVE
There are no more teachers – we are all students and teachers together
Listen to the young ones for in their words we often hear the voices of our ancestors

More exciting news and events are coming, including our new location for events and meetings …. Stay tuned!

Grandmother’s Gathering – Women of Wisdom

November 11, 2010

Big Event of the Year! Grandmother’s Gathering – Women of Wisdom The Council of Grandmothers – Ojai is hosting a small gathering of women with the intent of sharing wisdom across cultures.  There will be at least seven women coming from afar: Australia, Hawaii, Guatamala, Mexico, Columbia, ect.  and seven local women representing cultural traditions […]

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The Gathering of Indigenous Grandmothers in Ojai

August 12, 2010

This year many of the indigenous grandmothers are coming from all over the world to Ojai. There is an event the 17-18th of October open to the public and we are raising funds to feed the grandmothers. It is called The Gathering of Grandmothers – Ojai and will be held at Casa de La Luna. […]

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Update on Imalole

August 12, 2010

There are three new photos. Dr. Skanky from Ojai, visited the school and examined all the children last spring. We would love it if you would like to support our endeavors to keep the school going. We need 40 people to donate $100. This donation is tax deductible. How to do this? Make the check […]

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IMALOLE – A Voyage of the Heart

March 4, 2010

IMALOLE A Voyage of the Heart – by Jill Townsend-Sorel

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Hawaiian Healer Maxima is Returning

January 11, 2010

Hawaiian healer Maxima is returning. On Saturday September 25th Maxima will do a group healing from 2-4 P.M. at Casa de la Luna. On Sunday the 26th of September she will lead a workshop on self healing techniques. Maxima is available for private sessions Saturday morning from 10-1, Sunday morning from 10-1 and Monday the […]

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Imalole School, Niger, Africa

November 21, 2009

I was crossing the Sahara Desert with the Tuareg Nomads – 1800 miles! – and on the third day out, we stayed with a group of Tuareg women and grandchildren. Their lives had been devastated by the drought which took a terrible toll… their livestock, children and mothers were dying and the Tuareg men were […]

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